World According to L.A.

McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre- week of December 9-15

L.A. Hardy- Dec. 11-15
This week, we welcome with open arms world-class comedian L.A. Hardy!  Funny and real, L.A. Hardy doesn’t spare anyone, even his wife or kids. In fact, they’re the subjects of some of his best material! While he knew even as a child he wanted to be a comedian when he grew up, real life delayed his dream a bit. But sometimes life happens for a reason. In this case, it left Hardy with a toolbox full of experiences he draws from, making hilarious comedic material. As a storyteller, his social commentary on everyday situations makes Hardy a favorite wherever he goes.

As a veteran and versatile performer, Hardy toured with the Comics of Duty Tour to Iraq in 2003. With this tour, he entertained troops in over 35 different countries. He has also been seen more recently on Laughs TV, Comedy TV, BET, FOX, Comic’s Unleashed with Byron Allen, BET’s Comicview 3x’s, ABC’s According to Jim, MTV, VH1, and The Fuse Network. His film credits include Universal Remote, China Dolls and Guess Who with Bernie Mac.

Come see what makes L.A. Hardy a favorite in the neighborhood and internationally this week at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre from Wednesday, Dec. 11- Sunday, Dec. 15. You’ll laugh until your sides hurt and take new material home with you to share with your friends.

Open Mic Night Dec. 11
On Wednesday evening, be sure to stick around in our Green Room Lounge after the Humor Institute for our Open Mic Night. Beginning at 9pm, this show features 10 amateur comedians performing 5 minute sets. Some professionals even stop by occasionally to work on new material. This is a great chance to see raw talent in its early stages! There’s no cover or minimum purchase, but audience members must be 18 with a valid picture ID.

Off The Clock Interview  Dec. 12
If you stop by on Thursday evening, you’ll enjoy a bonus treat when Les McCurdy joins the comedians on-stage for our Off The Clock interview. This 15-20 minute interview with the comedians is a great way for audience members to get to know them more personally. There’s also a Q & A portion with the audience, so bring your questions about who they are, where they come from and how they got started in comedy!

Podcast- The Conversation
To learn even more about our past and present entertainers, be sure to check out our podcast, The Conversation. These backstage interviews with our favorite comedians is an awesome, candid glimpse into what they’re really like, what gets them excited about performing stand-up comedy, and where they’re hoping to go next. Our newest one features Patrick Garrity, Brian Aldridge, Angel Salvador Austin Young, Ken Sons and Mike Stevens, local comedians talking about touring and having an undying love for the game.

Don’t miss an exciting week of comedy and entertainment! Come out to McCurdy’s this week and enjoy relatable, fresh amusement that keeps you going all week long . Stop by, enjoy your evening, and laugh the night away- you never know what will happen at McCurdy’s!

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