They say much wisdom comes with age, but Tracy Smith, this week’s headlining comedian at McCurdy’s, is capitalizing on that adage. With a few years under her belt, she comes to the stage ready to set the kids straight and tell a few war stories from the trenches of singlehood in the process. With a sharp wit that toes the line between funny and bitter, Tracy presents the reality of dating, womanhood and aging in a hilarious way that allows her audience to be smart right along with her. Relating to drunk 20 year olds as well as 50 year olds that find themselves back (or still) in the dating scene, Tracy brings a dose of reality to her show that can only make you howl with laughter. It’s just all too true.

With age also comes a bit of expertise, and Tracy has plenty. Known as one of the most respected voices in comedy, Tracy was selected as one of the “Ten Comics To Watch” by the Hollywood Reporter. Television credits include Comedy Central Presents, Late Fridays on NBC, Premium Blend on Comedy Central, and The Best Of The Fest on HBO Comedy. Sweet and sassy, Tracy delves into the baggage she’s collected on the road to adulthood, and unpacks it in a relatable way for those who have been there, or might be headed that way soon.

As a grown-ass woman, Tracy easily sidesteps any apologies and refuses to meet outdated expectations in exchange for a riotous perspective that hits the bull’s eye every time. Laughing at the complexities of getting older, Tracy leaves no exceptions as she teases men and women alike for the marks of aging, then turns on the younger people for not yet knowing what the adults are talking about. With a sage wisdom that laughs in the face of time, age, and gender, Tracy is a breath of fresh air on the entertainment scene. Be sure to catch her show this week at McCurdy’s, every evening August 22-25.

Don’t forget to join us for our Humor Institute Wednesday, August 21st, as Les McCurdy presents our recent graduates from our humor bootcamp. Tracy Smith will close out the show for us, as well, so come out to see her and support our graduating class!

Have you ever watched a comedian and thought, “I can do that!”? Do you friends think you’re the funniest person they know? If you’d like to try your jokes on a willing audience, sign up for our Open Mic Night, every Wednesday from 9-10pm. You must sign up via email ahead of time! This is a great way to see if you have what it takes and enjoy a fun night with other up and coming comedians as well! If you’re interested in discovering new comedians, come out to watch these rookies in our Green Room. Admission is free and there is no item minimum. Join the fun all week at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre!



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