Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

You know that one friend that begins to tell you a joke, but starts laughing so hard while telling it that you’re laughing before you know what’s funny? John Di Crosta is that guy and we are so excited to welcome him to McCurdy’s stage this week! From Wednesday, March 27th to the 31st, John will be sharing his topical humor, funny voices, foreign accents and of course, his own laughter with our audiences.

As a regular headliner in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, International Cruise Lines and comedy clubs coast to coast, John truly enjoys his work and might just find the presence of an audience a bonus to the fun he’s already having. John’s many character voices have been featured in The Transformers films, video games and on Nickelodeon. Be prepared for the possibility of props, juggling, off-beat characters, and even some ventriloquism.

Find out why the title of John’s newest DVD, “Multiple Character Disorder,” is a perfect description of John’s style this week at McCurdy’s!


Taking a peek at what’s ahead, Monday, April 1st, McCurdy’s will host our first musical event when Twinkle performs at the Introduction party for her newest album, right here in our own intimate theatre. A true Tampa Bay Treasure, Twinkle grew up around the music industry, since her father worked with the Allman Brothers Band. She has recorded and performed with Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Dicky Betts, Sheryl Crow, and Quincy Jones.                                                                                     She has toured internationally on her own and with Dicky Betts.

Come out and experience Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio at McCurdy’s first musical event Monday night for April Fool’s Day!


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