Too Funny to Cope



This week at McCurdy’s we welcome back to Florida one of our own! Leaving this state to make it big somewhere else, especially Los Angeles, is no easy feat. But Chris Cope just happens to be extraordinary enough to make it big in L.A. Using his Floridian roots as a basis for much of his comedy, Chris makes comparisons between Florida and California culture, often citing his own upbringing and background as the reason for not understanding the ways of Californians.

With jokes about hiking that doesn’t involve hunting and cold-pressed drinks that taste like mulch, Chris is proud of his adaptation to a new city. He realizes the rest of the country sees Florida as a drug-addicted, alligator-invested Wal-Mart circus, and he doesn’t defend it or deny it. Instead, he enterprises on it by turning these realities into great material for his shows, which have been many.

L.A. has been great to Chris thus far! In his short time in this town, Chris has appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Laughs on Fox , Tosh.0 and “Grey’s Anatomy.” But his southern charm isn’t limited to stage and screen. He has just released his first full-length comedy album, “White Trash Super Computer,” which debuted in the Top 10 on and Top 25 on ITunes. Check Chris out on Pandora and Spotify or Headlining comedy clubs all over the United States.

We can’t wait to showcase Chris Cope and his hilarious commentary on the place we all call home. Come out to support our home-grown talent and experience the phenomenon that is taking the comedy world by storm. Chris Cope will be at McCurdy’s Theatre this week from Wednesday, May 1- Sunday, May 5. Be sure to catch his show and support a good ole’ Florida boy as he chases his dream!


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