The Comedy Barbarian


This week at McCurdy’s, we’re featuring headliner Mike McCarthy, otherwise known as The Comedy Barbarian. Straight from Boston, Mike wears his Irish heritage as a badge of honor, bringing all of his relentless energy and ability to drink anyone under the table with him. As seen on The Showtime Network and Comedy Central, Mike is becoming known throughout the comedy world for his high-energy delivery and style, making audiences laugh until they cry and bouncing off the walls just to keep up.

Mike’s explosive style of comedy was honed in his hometown of Boston and has been developed as he perfects his craft. A huge sports fan and even bigger Irishman, the jokes abound as Mike relates his experiences with bars, sports and traveling through the South. His jokes swoop in out of nowhere and catch the audience by surprise, leaving them still reeling as the next joke is delivered. You never thought you’d laugh at some of these jokes, but it’s hard to stop once Mike catches you under his spell. While some comics make you laugh, Mike will make you laugh till you cry. Check out Mike McCarthy all this week at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre, every night from August 7-11.


Don’t forget to stick around for Open Mic Night on Wednesday, August 8th! Remember, this is not a “just show up” open mic. Participants sign up in advance and prepare a 5-minute set. To join in the fun, sign up via email and show us what ya got! Or, be a responsive audience member and let these local comedians know how great they are- they need feedback, and you can be the audience to help them along. Admission is free in our Green Room after the main show, Wednesdays from 9-10pm. We can’t wait to see you there!


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