Rock On!


Michael Mack and his Faces of Rock

The definition of parody is “a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing.” With satire being one of the most intelligent forms of humor, and imitation being one of the highest forms of flattery, it’s easy to see why Michael Mack’s musical parodies of well-known hits, known as his Faces of Rock performance, gets a standing ovation every time. At McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre, we love intelligent humor. We love our rock-n-roll. And we love someone who can bring it all together for one amazing performance.


As a comedian, Michael has performed stand-up comedy and musical comedy on radio stations across the country, including the Bob and Tom Show and Sirius XM Radio. He’s also appeared on ABC’s The Next Best Thing and America’s Funniest People. And while his comedy is pretty hilarious to begin with, Michael brings a fresh, unique twist to his show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Combining lights and music with impressions and song parodies, Michael introduces his audience to multiple well-known singers and bands as the “musicians” perform the songs for which they’re famous… with a twist.


You’ll find yourself out of your seat, cheering and laughing before you even know what’s happening. The thrill of something new, inventive and absolutely hilarious is what makes Michael Mack a long-time McCurdy’s favorite and we’re so excited to share him with you this week. Check out Michael Mack and his Faces of Rock on McCurdy’s stage this week, August 28- September 1. You’ll be glad you stopped by, and might even try writing a few parodies of your own! If you do, be sure to sign up for our Open Mic Night every Wednesday to share your creation with us!


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