Musical Comedy


Pat Godwin will be gracing the stage at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week, from Wednesday (7/10) through Sunday (7/14). Before you come out to stroke this comedian’s ego, we feel there are a few things you should know.

Four things you should know about Pat Godwin:

Singer- With a guitar in hand, Pat has no problem using his vocals to perform his clever creations to audiences or on radio morning shows. Working for six years as part of Philadelphia’s Morning Zoo, three years with The Bob and Tom Show, and as a frequent guest and contributor to Howard Stern’s radio and TV shows, Pat’s ability to convey his humor through his edgy, quirky songs and vocals has truly become his charming craft. He’s also had numerous opportunities to perform with some serious Rock-n-Roll icons, like Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, and they really liked him. So you probably will too!

Songwriter- Part of Pat’s charm is his ability to rewrite a well-known song, inserting hilarious phrases and rhyming lyrics to make a new point. Telling funny stories and making ridiculous points, Pat infuses his Irish heritage and comedy into his song lyrics for a fun, fresh comedic presentation. Get ready for an ambiance not unlike that of an authentic Irish pub, complete with raunchy jokes and raucous barroom comedy at its best.

Comedian- None of Pat’s well-written, well-timed songs would mean anything here if they weren’t also hilarious. His strong material, highly developed improvisational skills and sly boyish smile combine to create an original show… every single time. Prolific and award-winning, Pat and his songs are quickly becoming classics in their own right in the world of comedy.

Pole Vaulter- Pat held his high school’s pole vaulting record for over 20 years. We thought it was worth mentioning.

Be sure to check out Pat Godwin this week as he performs on McCurdy’s stage, July 10-14. You won’t want to miss the comedic musical hilarity to be had during an evening at McCurdy’s this week!


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