Memory Lane

This month, McCurdy’s celebrates 30 years of bringing world-class comedy to Sarasota, FL, and we’re kicking off the month with some truly special events. First, Mike Rivera, voted the Funniest Teacher of the Year on ABC The View, joins us for hilarious moments from the classroom on June 6-7. Rivera’s style is likable and engaging while giving a fresh spin to the absurdities of teaching middle school.

Following Mike Rivera we’ll welcome back Robert Kelly from June 8-10. Robert is best known for his recurring roles on Louie, Inside Amy Schumer, and Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll with Dennis Leary on FX. With hilarious commentary about health food, skinny people and boring friends, you’re sure to be doubled-over with laughter.

As we reminisce on 30 years of McCurdy’s, we’ll run stories this month of some of the highs and lows that made us what we are today. Some of our fondest memories- and biggest surprises- were found in the comics that have graced our stage. During the 2001-2014 era, when McCurdy’s was at The Big Kitchen on Clark Road, we brought in some amazing celebrities, including Ron White, Louie Anderson, Rob Schneider, Kevin Pollack, Amy Schumer, Louis CK, Rosie O’Donnell, Paula Poundstone, Kathleen Madigan, Gilbert Godfrey, Tracey Morgan, Darryl Hammond, Elayne Boosler, Jackie Mason, Jim Breuer, Sinbad, Shawn Waynes, Kevin Nealon, Tim Meadows, Michael Winslow, Windy Leibman… to name a few.

One of our best surprises was when we booked Bobby Collins. He was the third celebrity we’d ever brought to the stage, and it was Wednesday of the week he would perform. We’d only sold a fraction of the tickets for his weekend show and thought we were facing our first big financial loss. Then, Friday morning the Sarasota Herald ran a little article about Bobby appearing at our venue, and suddenly we couldn’t keep up with the calls for tickets. At the time we were just using our home answering machine, and when we woke up that morning we had 100 messages! We ended up selling out that weekend and it was crazy, but we just looked forward and did it! That just might be the attitude that has kept us in business all these years. Keep looking forward and keep moving.

We’re excited to keep sharing these memories of what made us who we are today all month as we celebrate McCurdy’s 30th Anniversary! Join us this month for some top-notch performances, and stay tuned for more strolls down memory lane.


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