McCurdy’s 30th Anniversary


This week at McCurdy’s Ken Miller, voted Florida’s Funniest Comedian, returns to our stage! Catch his ridiculous and relatable stories of raising kids as a single dad during one of this weekend’s shows, May 30-June 3. Ken is not only a favorite at McCurdy’s, but throughout Florida. As the 2013 winner of the Florida’s Favorite Comedian Competition, Ken beat out a hundred other comedians for this coveted credential. Proof that he’s a fave at McCurdy’s? Les McCurdy was one of the judges that voted for Ken! Come out and discover for yourself what we love so much about Ken Miller and his tell-it-like-it-is comedy.

A History of Humor

Throughout the month of June, McCurdy’s will be celebrating a huge anniversary. For the past 30 years, Les and Pam McCurdy have been working tirelessly to build their dream. They have faced numerous challenges, setbacks, and losses but always managed to come out on top. For example, after ten years in the Holiday Inn Airport/Marina, the McCurdy’s were given only three days’ notice by new owners that they would need to find a new location- a comedy club was no longer needed on site. Even though it was a week before Christmas 1998, they were booked for the next four months, so they quickly found a new venue on the outskirts of town that held a fifth of the seating. Fortunately, ten years of building a following mattered. Patrons followed them to the new restaurant on Clark Road and Big Kitchen became the home of McCurdy’s Comedy Theater for the next four years.

Realizing they needed to find their own space if they hoped to continue growing, the McCurdy’s took out a loan, borrowing against their home, car and life savings to lease their own venue. They were set to open in September of 2001 when our country faced the biggest tragedy we have ever endured. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, having placed the finishing touches on their very own theater, they believed everything was over. What difference did individual dreams matter in the aftermath of such national and global unrest? They believed their dream was coming to an end. However, sometimes when we’re overwhelmed by dire circumstances, we need a little comic relief to get us through those hard times. Patrons in the Bradenton/Sarasota area believed so too. Just two weeks after 9/11, David Brenner opened the new theater with five sold out shows in a week, managing to talk humorously about what had happened, but with respect and honor.

Since then, McCurdy’s has been growing stronger and continues to thrive today. They moved into their current location in downtown Sarasota four years ago and hope to celebrate their 50th anniversary here, as well! Stay tuned for more History of Humor through the month of June as we reminisce and relive some of the highlights- and lowlights- 30 years has brought to this little gem of Sarasota nightlife.

Coming Soon

Be sure to join us June 8-10 for a special event: Robert Kelly’s third visit to our stage! Robert’s love-able disdain for skinny people, health food and his own friend’s boring stories will have you doubled over with laughter. Don’t miss the fun and celebration this summer!

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