Learning Thai

Dear Thai Rivera,

We are so excited for you headline at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week! We think it’s really important that everyone in the Sarasota area come out sometime between September 19-22 to check out your show, and here’s why:

First, you’re super likeable! And that seems to be some sort of paradox, considering how easily you can slide bits of politically incorrect fodder into your set. Maybe it’s your disarming style and easy-going delivery of really tough, often controversial issues. But I think we like it so much because you’re just so unapologetic about it. If you were to be careful not to step on anyone’s toes, you really wouldn’t be able to say much at all. So instead of worrying about which toes to step on or not step on, you just say what you think. It’s refreshing, really. Some people might call it edgy; we prefer to think of it as honest and genuine. And really, really hilarious.

Next, you’re super popular! You’re the funniest LGBTQ comedian in the world! We know that because you said so yourself. But so have lots of other people, at pretty venues and tours, like the Hollywood Improv, the World Famous Laugh Factory, Jo Koy Comedy Tour, Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, and The Logo Network’s One Night Stand Up. And seriously… did you really get your start touring across the country and performing in redneck bars?

Finally, your blogs and podcasts really give us a sense of who you really are, and the coolest part is, you’re basically the same person as who we see on stage! And we mean that in the best way possible- you’re just you, funny and gay with great eyebrows from Arizona with nothing to hide and plenty to say. How refreshing is that?

So, Thai Rivera, thank you, thank you, thank you, for gracing our stage at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week. We cannot tell you how exciting it is to share you with the great people of Sarasota, Florida this week. We can’t wait to see you and hope you enjoy your time here!


Adoring Fans at McCurdy’s


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