July Goodies

We’re so excited to welcome Steve Miller to our stage this week! Steve brings self-deprecating humor to the world of comedy that pushes the envelope while busting your gut. He has a relevant, story-telling style that airs his opinions and commentary on everything from politics to health (or lack thereof). His seamless transitions and relevant content prove that he’s been performing much longer than his three-year career suggests. Hailing from Tampa, Steve began unofficially performing comedy by throwing insults and punchlines at his friends and bartenders for years. Finally getting up the nerve to attend an open mic night, he showed himself and everyone else that he did, in fact, have what it takes. The rest, as you’ll see this week, is history. Don’t miss Steve perform this week, July 6-8 at McCurdy’s!


Also, don’t miss Bob Dubac’s intelligent commentary on everything that’s wrong with the world today. Quick to highlight the hypocrisies we see in society daily, Bob has a calm, poised presence on stage that will delight audiences as he rips through current events and political garble. Don’t miss Bob on our stage this week, as well as his one-man show at Van Wezel each year, The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron.


Finally, we are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting, for the third time, the World Series of Comedy’s Regional Competition! Stay tuned next week for details about what’s up and coming this year, but get your tickets early- the audience gets to participate in the voting!

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