This week we’re returning to our roots as we host our very own Les McCurdy and Ken Sons as comedy duo, The Bermuda Mavericks. Having known each other since childhood, Les and Ken began touring the U.S. and Canada in 1981, performing comedy and improvisation. During one of their very first shows, Ken tripped as he was entering the stage, landing flat on his face on stage. The audience likened him to Chevy Chase and they pair never looked back! They had humble beginnings in Tennessee, sometimes finding audiences to be unresponsive to their improvisational techniques. But eventually they caught their stride. Since that time, they’ve toured with comedy greats such as Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Chris Rock, The Smothers Brothers and Bob Newhart, as well as musical acts like Kenny Rogers, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, and Alabama, to name a few. Now, the duo often host fundraisers and auctions for charity groups. Their comedic expertise and laidback mannerisms can truly lighten the mood and loosen the wallets at any charity function. When they’re not touring or otherwise engaged, they teach and perform improv right here at McCurdy’s!


With razor sharp timing and clean material that’s tailored to each audience, this team brings a special dynamic to the stage. Their story-telling style often draws out the punchline, but their easy, southern drawls make it worth the wait. While they take their comedy seriously, you might know Les and Ken better as local businessmen in the Sarasota community. Les is the founder of McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre and Ken is an award-winning filmmaker who has been teaching comedy for over 20 years. Catch the act that is easily one of the most unique shows touring the US and Canada this week on February 27-March 3.


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