Happy July 4th


Carl Rimi will be headlining at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week, from July 3-7 (except the 4th, when we’ll be out celebrating just like all of you!). While he’s here, you simply need to experience this very funny individual in person. Here’s why:


  1. You may have already seen him on TV! Not only does Carl has extensive comedy credits that include The Improv and over 20 years of cruise line comedy, he also has been featured on Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots, NBC, CBS, ABC Family.


  1. You may have seen him in a movie! He’s been in several films, including a starring role in the Independent Christian film, Bonk, in which he was nominated for a Best Actor Award. He has also had leading or supporting roles in several feature films, including Love and Hostages, Adopted, and Smothered By Mothers. 


  1. You will see him eventually! Carl is currently developing his talent as a writer and director as he creates his new comedy/horror feature film, Ghost Killers, with his comedy partner, Stacey Steele. Undoubtedly, this man is going places. By seeing him on stage this week, you’ll get the chance to say, “I was there!”


  1. You need a good laugh this week! Carl brings a fresh perspective on life to the stage that draws you in… then cracks you up. Easy going and laid back, he doesn’t take life too seriously. With his uncanny ability to read a crowd, he’ll help you unwind and lighten up with his intellectual, physical humor and fast-paced style.


  1. You won’t want to miss your chance! With a packed schedule, Carl can only grace our stage this week before continuing on his tour. Catch him this week only at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre!


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