Florida Rasied


When you’re raised in Florida by southern parents, you tend to have a unique perspective on the world around you. Anything less than 65 degrees is considered reason to stay home from school or work, while a category 5 hurricane calls for a party with the neighbors. Southern grandmothers tell it like it is and teach their kids a thing or two about raising children. To hear another Floridian explain Florida culture can make you feel right at home while knocking your socks off with the hilarity of it all. This is exactly what Frankie Paul does whenever he’s on stage.

Frankie moved with his family to Melbourne, FL as a child and continues to reside there today. He has a reputation nationwide as a prominent voice in the world of comedy. Frankie has had numerous TV appearances on FOX, NBC and Comedy Central as well as dozens of radio shows like Rick & Bubba and Bob & Sheri plus many others.

His comedic style involves taking everyday situations and noticing the ridiculous in them. Being raised in Florida, he has a genuine southern flair that hits the mark every time. The phrase, “there is much truth in jest” has never rung more true than with Frankie’s easy-going vibe, animated appearance and positive outlook. Come see what makes this Floridian laugh out loud at Frankie’s astute observations of all things southern this week at McCurdy’s, August 30- September 2!

Also, don’t miss the graduates of our Humor Institute’s Comedy Bootcamp on Wednesday, Augesst 29th! Ken Sons will be hosting the event as well as performing with the students with Frankie Paul closing the show out. Come out, support the graduating class and have a lot of fun doing so!



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