Comedy Legend


To become an American comedy legend, it takes a certain amount of intelligence, unpredictability, and absurdity that doesn’t come along very often. Dwight Slade embodies all of these qualities and more, and he will be gracing the stage at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week! Come find out why this legend was the winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

With a comedic history of comedy dating back to his childhood, when Dwight and friends would write stand-up bits for their friends and sneak out of the house to open mic nights, Dwight was destined to become a giant in the field of comedy. After three years of talk radio, he appeared in the feature films Inconceivable and Rid Of Me, and he has appeared on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show and HBO’s Best of the US Comedy Arts Festival.

Internationally, Dwight has appeared in festivals in Glasgow, Scotland, the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has had three appearances at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. He has also traveled to Afghanistan to entertain US and Coalition troops and has toured Israel and Pakistan.

Be sure to see why Dwight’s brand of comedy is quickly becoming a world-wide success when you catch him this week from May 30 to June 2, only at McCurdy’s!

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for next week’s big names in comedy, as well! We’re excited to bring Pauly Shore and Jamie Kennedy to our stage on June 6 and June 7-8, respectively. Take a look at our calendar for more great upcoming events and catch a show this summer!


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