Comedy A Capella


“What IS Comedy A Capella?”

Comedy A Capella is a totally original style of comedy, invented by none other than Ron Feingold. Ron comes to us this week from Orlando, FL, to share his unique blend of traditional stand-up comedy and sensational vocal talents. This winning combination results in a one-man vocal band in which Ron performs all the parts- “instrumental’ and vocal- with his own voice. Astounding and hilarious at the same time, Ron’s lifelong passion for theatre led him into comedy during his college years, and the comedy world is still reaping the benefits. Ron tours nationwide and has played an extensive number of college campuses, cruises, casinos, concerts, and of course, renowned comedy clubs. We’re looking forward to his performances at McCurdy’s this week, June 27-July 1. See our calendar of events for more info!


Where Do We Go From Here?

As we wrap up our 30th year anniversary month, we are facing forward and watching what the future has in store for us. In the immediate future, we plan to launch a podcast and expand our social media to include Instagram and YouTube. There are always surprise performances in the works, so keep checking back as our schedule unfolds. We also hope to improve the seating in the club, making it even more comfortable to settle back and enjoy the show.

Longer term, we hope to extend our lease so we can celebrate our 50th anniversary in the same venue. Realizing that will put Les McCurdy at the same age as Jackie Mason the last time he saw him perform caused Les to recognize a new goal for himself and McCurdy’s: “he was spot on sharp, topical and with a little edge. I aspire to that.” Wherever the future takes us, we hope you continue to join us in all our endeavors. We have loved making you laugh and can only imagine all the doors technology will open for us in the coming years.

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