Class Clown


Any teacher will tell you every class has a class clown- that one kid that always has to crack a joke, never takes anything seriously, and usually makes a trip to the office at least once a month for disruptions. But the best teachers know that every once in a while, a kid comes along with so much wit and spot-on timing that even the teacher has to laugh. Frankie Paul is that kid. Growing up, he avoided trips to the principal’s office by defusing the teacher and other students with laughter, and eventually this became his profession! Growing up in Melbourne, FL, much of his comedy has a Southern flair to it.

Frankie has been touring professionally since 1990, entertaining audiences across the entire country and quickly becoming a prominent voice in the world of comedy. With numerous TV credits including appearances on FOX, NBC, and Comedy Central, as well as dozens of radio shows like Rick & Bubba and Bob & Sheri, Frankie’s brand of comedy is becoming a sensation. He plays all of the top comedy clubs in the country and is building a reputation for taking his hilarious observations of regular situations to a new level.

Full of anecdotes about everything from fishing, scuba diving and female weightlifters to marriage, kids and how we choose the animals we eat, Frankie comes at everyday topics from all angles and with an energy that is simply unstoppable. Bring your friends, be ready for anything (including hilarious facial expressions!) and buckle in for a roller coaster ride of laughter that will leave you breathless and wanting more. If laughter really is the best medicine, then Frankie Paul should be the Surgeon General! Come along for the ride this week from May 15-19, only at McCurdy’s!!

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