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7/24 Humor Institute / Open Mic Night

You never know when you might stumble upon the next big thing in comedy. Many comedians get their start simply by showing up and showing off. The students in our Humor Institute took the plunge, came to learn, and on Wednesday night, we feature the most recent graduates of our Humor Institute! They will be performing with Les McCurdy, who is also hosting the event. For an extra special treat, Headliner Carmen Ciricillo will be closing out the event! Who knows which performers you might discover who are on their way to greatness?

And when the show is over, the party is just starting! Every Wednesday after the main show, from 9-10pm in our Green Room, McCudy’s hosts Open Mic Night, and this week is no exception! Comedians who would like to perform must book in advance for 5 minutes in the spotlight. To participate, sign up via email (get details here). To experience raw, fresh talent, stick around after Wednesday night’s show! Free admission in Green Room after regular show for everyone 18yrs and up with a valid ID.

7/25 John Carfi

A McCurdy’s Favorite, John Carfi is back this week on July 25th! We’re always glad to welcome John to our stage and this week is no exception. With his clean, quirky humor and off-the-wall observations, John will have you rolling in the aisles as usual. Don’t miss John this week at McCurdy’s!

7/26-28 Josh Blue

Get ready for a show that’ll keep you guessing at every turn. Josh Blue has more accolades than we can count. His razor-sharp wit combines with his laid-back approach for a perfectly-timed improvisational riot.

Josh came to fame in 2006 with his groundbreaking performance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Since then, he went on to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, was honored to perform at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada, and made his television debut on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia.

As a comedian who happens to have cerebral palsy, Josh uses self-deprecating humor to draw his disability into his act. His story has been featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC. But don’t let appearances fool you- Josh will dish it out to hecklers without hesitation and can easily weave improvisational tangents into his show, ensuring that no two shows are alike. Funny has never looked this good! Come out and see Josh Blue right here on McCurdy’s stage this week, July 26-28.


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