Blind Ambition


One of the challenges for any comedian is to be able to put a fresh, funny spin on the normal day-to-day observations we all have. We want to be relatable and unique at the same time. We want to point out what you already know, but just didn’t happen to notice yet. This week’s guest has met these specific challenges- and many more- multiple times over. Darryl Lenox is one of McCurdy’s favorites, and you’re about to see why.


Having been afflicted with deteriorating eyesight since his youth, Lenox shrugs off any notion of self-pity. He quips, “I can’t see two feet in front of me, but I can see tomorrow.” Successful eye surgery in Vancouver has restored some of his vision, but more importantly it served to sharpen his humanitarian focus. By partnering with Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS), Lenox is helping to offer treatment solutions to the visually impaired in third-world countries around the world. The mission of TWECS is close to his heart: desperately needed eye exams and donated eyeglasses for those in need. Lenox believes that poverty should never stand between the less fortunate and a better quality of life through better vision.


Lenox exemplifies this belief by discussing his disability, the choices that led to it, and the ways he rises above it throughout his routine in a fresh and funny way. Seeing life through a different lens is often the goal for comedians- not seeing much life at all, and still relating to the audience’s experiences, is utterly brilliant. After appearances on Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, WTF with Marc Maron, Starz, BET, and A&E, many others agree as well. Lenox now resides in Vancouver, Canada, where his standup special “Blind Ambition” was filmed at The Vogue Theatre and picked up by the Starz network. Lenox is now signed to Standup! Records. You will not want to miss Darryl Lenox at McCurdy’s this week! Come see funny from a new perspective!

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