This week, McCurdy’s is pleased to host Aaron Kleiber on our stage. Get ready to relate to adulthood in completely new and real ways. Aaron is the kind of comedian that says the things you’ve always been thinking about marriage, parenting and adulting in general, but never would’ve said out loud. But Aaron is a grownup and has no problem saying it all out loud. Here’s how we know:

5 Proofs That Aaron Kleiber is a Grownup


  1. Aaron can talk about his wife’s child birthing experience like he’s been to war.

Aaron Kleiber is the kind of guy that knows what he’s talking about. After all, once you’ve witnessed your children being born, you’ve pretty much seen it all. As Aaron, father of three kids, recounts the grueling details of his wife’s c-section, he shows his audience he knows what he’s talking about and has no problem telling it like it really is.


  1. Aaron knows that Married Date Night is completely different than Dating Date Night.

Making fun of couples who are still dating and spend time kissing “just for fun,” Aaron explains grown-up married dates in clear and hysterical detail. Other grownup married couples totally get it; cute dating couples think he’s soooo funny. Either way, the crowd goes wild with Aaron’s very real, very hilarious accounts of life as a grownup.


  1. Aaron has his own podcast about being a grownup.

On his weekly podcast, The #GrownDadBusiness, Aaron talks with other grownups, comedians, and friends about all things grownup: parenting,adult-ing, food, culture and the comedy life. Listen in via iTunes, Spotify, ChromeCast, Deezer, CastBox, RadioPublic, GooglePlay and the Laughable app, or simply check it out on Aaron’s website.

  1. Aaron has worked with other funny grownups.


After touring with the likes of Bob Sagat, Jim Breuer, Bert Kreischer, John Witherspoon, Josh Blue and Steve-O, not to mention being seen in “Doug Loves Movies” with Doug Benson, heard on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show, and opening for comedy greats like Billy Gardell, Emo Phillips, Bobcat Goldthwait and one of his comedy idols, Sinbad, it’s fair to say that Aaron has earned his place as a headliner among other great grownup headliners.


  1. Aaron has earned grownup kudos for doing grownup things.

Winning spots of TV shows on Nickelodeon and in multiple local and regional commercials near his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, was just the beginning. Aaron co-starred in the film Help Me, Help You opposite Sabrina Bryan (The Cheetah Girls, Dancing with the Stars), appeared in the acclaimed drama, Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte, for Lionsgate, and was featured in the original series The Mercury Men, seen on the Syfy Channel.  Aaron was known early in his career for producing, writing and acting in both, the groundbreaking independent film (and subsequent Web series) Captain Blasto as well as the beloved Star Wars mockumentary, ‘A Great Disturbance,’ both of which claimed multiple awards and fans at film festivals and fan fests nationwide.


And now, you get the chance to see what makes this grownup so funny. Catch Aaron Kleiber at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week, from Wednesday, August 14- Sunday, August 18. You’ll be glad you stopped in to experience this hilarious comedian’s take on life, family and adulting.

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