A Little Funny

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many comedians fuel their comedic prowess with tales of bitterness, awkwardness, or self-deprecation. Not often does one find a comedian full of true optimism, happiness or positivity. Rob Little, this week’s headliner at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre, is one of those rare breed that brings all the fun to the stage that he experiences every day in regular life. Thrown into a life of comedy by getting fired for encouraging co-workers to follow their dream (in a company-wide email to all IBM employees, with the caveat “if you aren’t happy here, quit your job…”), Rob has been following his own advice by pursuing his dream. Knowing we can laugh at him or with him, Rob laughs right along with his audience- sometimes at his own jokes- while telling stories with no ending. But you don’t care because you’re so busy enjoying the hilarious, convoluted ride.


And we’re not the only ones who think Rob is the next best thing since fast food. Just check out the accolades and awards he’s already won, not to mention his sketch comedy show on Comedy Central, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time as well as his regular sketch comedy performances on The Best Damn Sports Show Period:


  • “Comedian of the Year” by Maxim Magazine
  • “Cruise Entertainer of the Year” by Carnival Cruise Line
  • “College Comic of the year” by Campus Activities Magazine
  • “Happiest Comic in America” by Last Comic Standing (NBC)
  • “Best Comedian” by the Detroit Free Press

With training from the highly acclaimed Second City Comedy Club, Rob brings a fresh, innovative creativity to his performances that are the very reason he is quickly become a highly sought after headliner all across the nation. Be sure to catch Rob’s show this week, Sept. 11-14, only at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre!


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