A Cappella

Just like any good story-teller, comedians who have outside interests and hobbies always bring a lot of layers to their show. That’s exactly why Ron Feingold is such a talented showman. He’s definitely funny, of course, but he has so much more to offer- and that’s why McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre is eagerly offering him to you, Sarasota, as a shining example of a true example of entertainment this week!

As a theatre student through high school and college, Ron discovered his love for stand-up comedy when he auditioned in college for an on-campus comedy show. At that point, many of the roles in which he’d been cast were comedic in nature, and he thought he’d give it a whirl. He hasn’t looked back since. But he HAS developed his show by incorporating a unique interest of his into it. While Ron loves water skiing and snow skiing, writing poetry and music, and has a degree in psychology (he even worked as a guidance counselor at one point!), the interest that holds his attention and adds a twist to his show is a capella musical performances.

Since the mid-90s, Ron has been incorporating a capella songs into his show, Comedy A Capella. He doesn’t just sing, he also does the background vocals and even drums! While some of his work features his original songs, he also mixes in plenty of familiar material that audiences love. Ron tours nationally, headlining comedy clubs, college campuses, casinos, and cruise ships, delighting audiences throughout the country with his one-of-a-kind show. For corporate events, he tailors his show specifically to the group’s preferences. Ron’s background in psychology gives him plenty of material to weave into his corporate talks, creating a fun, interactive show that companies love! Between story-telling, psychological truths we’re all familiar with, and a musical component that can only be categorized as brilliant, Ron is a true Renaissance Man. With plenty of raw talent and an act like nothing you’ve ever seen, you’ll want to be sure to show up at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre this week and experience Ron Feingold for yourself! He’ll be here every night from October 2-6, so get your tickets now!


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